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I love colors, quotes and anything witchy.

Characteristics of all Sunsigns by Linda Goodman: LEO, the Lion

My top people to follow are:. They are basically witches partying at Woodstock. She is the epitome of an awakened Latina. I personally prefer reading the Spanish deck because my grandmother gave me her deck when I was very young, and it meant the world to me. What is the coolest thing that has happened to you as a result of becoming an Astrologer? Honestly, the coolest thing for me is the way Astrology has helped me connect with others in such a profound way.

She is a huge inspiration to me and a brilliant writer. The Astro Twins have taught me so much , and I love reading their horoscopes.

That is a whole other conversation! Our generation was born to rebel, create and transform. Astrology has always been considered taboo for many, and today, huge celebrities like Khloe Kardashian are even going as far as incorporating Astrology into their brand.

Top tier in many ways. The Rest. Jonathan Cainer -- The horoscope is presented as a kind of riddle or story to keep you baffled in hopes you'll buy a premium service. Somehow manages to push pop-up ads past blockers -- a bad sign itself. Has something called the "Astro-Love" computer that should be a hit with New Age dingalings. AstroCenter -- A slick site, but when I compared its prediction to the others I did on the same day it was the most downbeat telling me to rest a lot.

I suspect this is a great site for people who are looking for encouragement to relax a lot. Detroit News Horoscope -- Wonder why newspapers in this country are in decline? Look no further. Actually this is the Sydney Omaar syndicated Horoscope found in newspapers across the country. Classic vague readings from Omaar. Very meaning for people who like to read too much into everything. At the bottom I love the disclaimer, "Should be read for entertainment.

Linda Goodman and some of her books

Short comments designed to get you to buy more stuff. Christopher Renstrom SF Chronicle -- Short vague, Chinese-Proverb-like approach that matches nothing else anyone else says or predicts. Easy access, readable. Listed under "Fun. Horoscope Universe -- This site has four different star rankings for you and a short horoscope jammed with stuff for sale. Scopes-Mart -- Fast, easy, to-the-point. This is a good no frills site with interesting results B.

Rocky Horoscope LA Weekly -- Another to-the-point straightforward 'scope written with the alternative media audience in mind, dude.

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Daily Horoscopes -- These seem thin to me, throwaway stuff. No real appeal when compared to the rest of the pack. Using kind of the riddle concept, a fairly standard site for this sort of thing. Seems advice-oriented. Responsive site. A very old-fashioned newspaper style horoscope. IndaAstro -- Vedic-based astrology. I was told to eat more vegetables today.

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How's that for a daily reading? P: When I started editing a website in , I was told nobody would read anything longer than words. S: Five hundred when we launched in ! But you know, that was a condition of my contract with Time Warner. The way I write, the readers will come back. P: The technical nature of online stats and mobile platforms seems rather at odds with the mystery of the stars. S: Astrology sites usually attract high-school dropouts, but my readers are very upscale.

And 40 per cent are male.

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  6. A trine of is fabulous — divine harmony. A conjunction is the strongest of all astrological aspects. S: Two planets at the same sign and degree. I also use this professional calendar of planetary aspects. My job is like having eight plates, plus the sun and the moon, on sticks, spinning. You need to keep an eye on all of them, looking out for lunar eclipses and any retrograde planets.

    S: Yes — say when Mercury goes About ten years back, when I used to write a column for the Daily News , they tried to make me sign a contract when Mercury was in retrograde, and of course I refused. You must face a fair degree of scepticism. S: It can be hard. We have no idea.

    Books by Linda Goodman

    P: Would you consider taking part in a blind test where you had no idea whose chart you were reading? S: They do that at the conventions. They put up the chart of an anonymous criminal without revealing the outcome of the trial — it might turn out to be OJ or someone. You can have Uranus conjunct Mars in the 12th house, like OJ, which means he has a lot of trouble handling rage, but most people find a way of dealing with that. S: Yes. P: Where did your passion for astrology come from?

    Were you good at geometry as a child? I was born with a very hard chart, lots of squares, and woke up from surgery at the age of 14 with a drop foot and my leg in a very tight cast. I did wear heels eventually, but I have trouble with them now. S: My mother had learned through a correspondence class. She and her sister enrolled as a way to stay in touch when my mother left home in the Catskills to move to New York.

    Eventually I wrote a letter to Dell Horoscope magazine enquiring whether I would get better, and she saw it and finally agreed.

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    I studied business at NYU, and it was years before I thought of astrology as a career. My first job was in the marketing department at Life magazine. I also worked in advertising sales and was a photographic agent for a number of years.