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You are set for a cycle of expansion now like no other you have experienced in the past 12 years. Again, how you benefit from this will all depend on your flexibility and willingness to embrace those alternatives I keep referring to. Consider the fact as progresses that there are far more options available to you — and ways of seeing the world, than you may have thought possible up until now.

And some of them have the potential to change your life for the better. Whether you realise it or not, you are embarking on a new journey as draws to a close. An annular solar eclipse in your 9th on December 26 falls very close to a perfect trine to Uranus in your 1st and Saturn and Pluto are in close alignment. Remember the eclipse rule: The following day the Sun and Jupiter meet in here which will mark the start of this journey towards freedom for you.

The direction may or may not be obvious to you, but the signposts are there. That alternative route will widen towards even greater opportunities in if you begin to take the first steps down it in Like a bolt from the blue, opens up exciting possibilities for you — shaking you free of restrictions, Taurus. Taurus is ruled by Venus the Planet of love and is an Earth sign. Loyal, rock solid and sensual you are the best friend anyone could ever want. Your soul lesson is not to get stuck in the same patterns and to put your determination to the highest good.

Time to find more fun, satisfying work opportunities and a more vibrant, healthier you as Jupiter beams in your best prospects in 12 years Taurus! If you have your Sun in sensual Taurus or alternatively, have Taurus rising you are ruled by the planet of love, luxury and pleasure — Venus! You share your ruler with the sign of Libra but as you are an earth sign and Libra is an air sign, Venus expresses herself very differently in each […].

You, Aquarius, are steadfast and determined to complete any task that you may start. As steady progress is made, you gain even more confidence to start new projects. You are ready to take risks. On the other hand, the tension over financial matters Aquarius will be lessened as you take charge of your own money. You are creative and you will find the necessary compromise. Based on your birthday astrology analysis you are able to attract financial stability and opportunities with successful outcomes.

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Authority figures weigh in heavy on your list of favorites. The week begins with the Sun finding its feet in Sagittarius. Mars is still in its direct clash with Uranus , though the electricity of From then it is Venus and The week begins with the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio but with Mercury continuing its retrograde.

However, Tuesday's Full Moon in Taurus at The week begins with a Quarter Moon in Aquarius. The usual retro rules apply and especially with regards to travel now. Watch put of travelling mid-month when Jupiter which rules airlines, long distance travel and mass transportation creates a possible delay-making angle to that Mercury.

As well as your house of work, daily responsibilities and routine, your 6 th is your house of health and wellbeing.

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You will need to stay tuned to what your body is saying. Drugs prescription and non-prescription and alcohol will affect you mind, body and spirit. Above all, during this period — pace yourself whether this applies to what you consume or your workload. If you take on too much you are likely to pay a high price for it now. Re-read what I said about your personal power if you are unsure about how to handle situations like this.

If you come to the conclusion you have been immersed in an unhealthy environment for far too long and it has now taken its toll, plan to do something about this once Mercury heads direct once more from the 29 th and when Venus your ruler arrives in here from the 26 th.

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Watch how your ruler reconnects you to any lost feelings of power or banishes self-doubt when it angles to that newly arrived Uranus on the 28 th. Home and security matters will also be on your mind this March. You will however be taking steps to create a new foundation for yourself — even if it just remains in the planning stage for now.


Mars sits in its ancient ruling 8 th enabling you to make conscious decisions around what it is you need thanks to angles between it and Saturn and Pluto in your 4 th. And also helping you to reinforce those boundaries if necessary. When it comes to passion and attraction — game on!

Mars adds that sizzling magnetism in here igniting desire. Simply irresistible? You can resist anything but the irresistible now. Or could just step into the experience of being irresistible yourself. One last halleluiah moment when it comes to you and another person is likely to occur during the third week of the month once the Sun slips into your 7 th on the 20 th. Call this one final revelatory moment that brings the past seven year odyssey to a final conclusion.

It will allow you to see just how far you have come when it comes to matters of the heart and your understanding of your own needs. The day after the Sun sashays into your 7 th brings a full Supermoon in your 1 st. Think of this Supermoon as your heart-light which you now turn to illuminate a key person or relating situation opposite you. What or who do you see? This tells you not just about your relationship to them or the situation, but how far you have come.

How you express yourself to them or the situation you are in will also have radically and fundamentally changed to seven years ago. It is a moment of illumination which brings this cycle finally to a close. The month ends with Mars setting you on a course of exploration and freedom as it arrives in your 9 th.

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Shrug off those restrictions and see them for what they are. Possibly imposed on you by others and their limited thinking. Knowing yourself better in relationships involves knowing yourself better as an individual. Those ideas about what it is possible for you to see, do, experience or even how to love, may not be your own. If you see this now, leave them behind you. And step into the power of potential when it comes to having, experiencing and loving — exactly the way you need to now, Libra.

In a nutshell: The freedom to love and relate your way and with heart-centered truth has been what the past seven years have been all about. Put the doubts behind you. Long live love now, Libra. This month is not the time to go looking for love. Or rather new love.

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It is a time however to reconnect to loves you have lost, discarded, forgotten about or abandoned. Or for them to find you again. Yes, I do realise this may not be what you wanted to read. In fact when it comes to long term partnerships, you are entering a seven year experiment now where all bets around what you think love is or should be are well and truly off.

You have just stepped into the role of Love Revolutionary, Scorpio. And March sees you in full Moulin Rouge mode. Yes — you can can. Lovers, children, the younger generation, playfulness, creative self-expression, romance, your connection to the child within — all need to be re-examined and if necessary, re-affirmed and re-connected as Mercury turns retrograde in your 5 th. Love and romance may now be hard to ground.

But where is it always found?

During its retrograde period and again when it heads direct but remains in retroshadow, Mercury will meet with Neptune in here. Yes, this can be an indicator of higher, spiritual, more empathic love — such as we feel for a child for example. One good reason to avoid entering into a new relationship at this time is that a potential lover may not be all they appear to be. However, those past loves including the things you love to do are yours to explore once more, especially from the time of the new Moon on the 6 th. As Mercury continues its retroactive phase and right through until mid-April when it finally exits retroshadow, expect shades of past loves to return but for you to experience them as if they were brand new.

This includes those pastimes, hobbies and passions you used to lose yourself in and love to pursue. Yes, past lovers could reappear and if so, you will look at them with new eyes. This is because you are now drawn into the heart of the Love Revolution — or should I say evolution, as Uranus moves into your 7 th for a seven year stay on the 6 th. Your partnership experience, your needs, your ideas of what love is or what form it takes — expect these all to evolve and be re-shaped over this period. During this time your needs will change. Some connections will evolve with you while others may fall away.

Uranus awakens and frees us. Please be aware therefore that anything that ends during this period has been lived out or is holding you back. Make talking about love your priority and be your own love promise in action now that ancient ruler Mars also in your 7 th angles to both Saturn and modern day ruler Pluto in your 3 rd on the 14 th and 20 th respectively. Say what you mean, mean what you say and back that up with the appropriate action. If you have been having an issue with people close to you keeping their word and following through — ensure yours is both your bond and your promise.

What you say and do has the ability to transform connections and also set the revolution in motion! New romance may temporarily be a no-go area and you also need to bear in mind that all the usual Retro Rules apply no matter what house Mercury heads backwards in. For you, this especially applies to any dealings with your money, loans, mortgages, credit cards, stocks, shares or just your day to day budgeting.

Especially around the middle of the month when Jupiter in your money zone could see money disappear in more ways than one when it makes a highly charged angle to Mercury. Watch your spending and also guard your PIN number and cards when out and about or shopping on line. Try to defer large or indulgent purchases until next month. The Sun is on the move on the 20 th — on into your 6 th of everyday work, routine and wellbeing. Time to bring that focus down to you and what you need in order to function at your best on a everyday level. Make wellbeing your priority and take care of the small stuff.