Cancer fashion astrology

You have to stay on top of the trends, know your designers, and either have enough money to support your fashion habit or are gifted at shopping sample sales and finding bargains.

Zodiac Fashion Style – What’s your star sign style?

But as all things, including astrology is a good way to find out where you fall in terms of your fashion sense. They may have the type of body where almost any kind of clothing looks good, or maybe they have an instinct for what works on them. She's able to walk that fine line between being on-trend, but still being able to enjoy herself.

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  • What Is Your Fashion Personality As Per Your Zodiac Sign.

Here's the thing about Aries' fashion sense: somehow, they just know that when they put this with that, it's going to look amazing. It could be a vintage piece mixed with something on trend, but somehow they just go together. It's not particularly planned or thought out, it's instinctive.

Aries women always look great, even if they just rolled out of bed. How is it that all their clothes go together in such cool ways when none of them were meant to be worn that way? Sagittarians travel a lot, so they know how to pack and what to bring that not only will go with their other pieces but will look pulled together into a look.

The One Outfit Your Zodiac Sign Should Wear This Fall

It could be because they're never quite sure what they're going to be doing, so they're ready for anything — a hike or a fabulous chef's tasting menu. Sagittarians don't sweat it when it comes to what they're wearing, and they still are some of the best dressed in the room. Capricorns tend to focus so much on their work that they give very little energy or attention to what they're wearing.

It's a lucky thing that somehow they're always appropriately dressed and still look good. Capricorns tend not to be overly made-up or have hairstyles they have to spend hours on every day. They're definitely a "wash and go" type of person.

Those born under the sign of the celestial crab are said to have a natural instinct towards collecting, either by sentimental hoarding or by the banking of nostalgic memories. The Cancerian need to reminisce makes them the least forgetful of the zodiac signs. Love runs deep for these crabs, making them devoted partners.

Fashion, Fragrance, Style and Your Horoscope

Ultimately Cancer is happiest when having found their lobster. Laidback, comfy, quirky and a little bit appetising!

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This dress was practically made for the Cancer Zodiac sign! We hope you enjoyed reading about the Cancer zodiac sign.

Astrology for Careers: What Your Sign Says You Should Do

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12 things YOU need to know about CANCERS ♋