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However, even though she and Raj both agree to be friends, they get drunk and wake up in bed together, apparently both naked, the next morning. Leonard, Sheldon, and Howard discover Penny leaving the apartment , deducing that they just had sex. In the Season 5 premiere, Raj confides to her that they had not consummated their encounter, prompting Penny to refer to Raj as " Quickdraw " because of that.

She spends the rest of the episode with Amy , avoiding the men due to her embarrassment over her encounter with Raj. In "The Ornithophobia Diffusion" Leonard and Penny go on a platonic date as friends, but after Leonard decides that he does not have to pay for everything or defer to her because they are not a couple, they end up bickering and sabotaging each other's attempts to socialize with members of the opposite sex.

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Penny realizes that she finds Leonard's more assertive demeanor attractive, but when he regresses to groveling in order to have sex with her, she rebuffs him. On the spur of the moment in "The Recombination Hypothesis", Leonard asks Penny out on a date after he imagines what getting back with her might be like. In "The Beta Test Initiation", their date goes well until Leonard asks about the status of their relationship.

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This causes conflict, due to Penny's subsequent admission that commitment frightens her, but they agree to take their relationship slowly. On a spur of the moment while having sex in "The Launch Acceleration", however, Leonard accidentally proposes to her, causing Penny great distress. After discussing the matter, Penny declines his proposal, while affirming her feelings for him, and her desire to remain with him.

In "The Decoupling Fluctuation", she wonders if she is really in love with him, but cannot bring herself to discuss it with Leonard. In "The Date Night Variable", Raj shows up unannounced at a private dinner of Penny and Leonard's, and inserts himself into their discussion of where their relationship is headed.

When Leonard complains that Penny has yet to say "I love you" to Leonard, Raj attempts to get her to say it, causing Penny to eject him from the apartment. At the end of the episode, Penny and Leonard discuss this, during which Penny casually mentions that she loves him, which Leonard notes is the first time she has said this to him. In "The Egg Salad Equivalency" Penny learns that Sheldon's attractive assistant Alex asked Leonard out to dinner and eventually admits to Leonard her own insecurity about their relationship.

After a major argument with Sheldon, Leonard suggests moving in with Penny in "The Spoiler Alert Segmentation", but she indicates that she is not ready for this. In "The Tangible Affection Proof", upon seeing her ex-boyfriend propose to the woman he cheated on her with during a Valentine's Day dinner date, Leonard again tries to propose to Penny, but she expresses that she is not ready for this, and is unnerved by that level of commitment. They resolve that when she is ready to get married, she can propose to him. In "The Bon Voyage Reaction", Penny deals with Leonard going off to Europe for a summer science assignment, resolving that they are more secure in their relationship.

In "The Hesitation Ramification", Penny, inebriated and frustrated over the state of her acting career, proposes to Leonard, who is hesitant to answer, given the circumstances. Though this further frustrates Penny, she admits in the following episode, "The Occupation Recalibration", that Leonard did the right thing.

Written in the Stars?

By season 5, Penny has formed strong friendships with Doctors Amy Farrah Fowler and Bernadette Rostenkowski, and the three are often seen spending time together. However, Amy and Bernadette occasionally prefer to meet without Penny, and often tease her. In the penultimate episode of season 7, "The Gorilla Dissolution", she and Leonard become engaged, after Penny realizes that it is not fame she wants out of life, but happiness with Leonard.

Throughout season 8, a running gag is their reluctance to decide upon a wedding date. In the season 8 finale, Penny asks Leonard to marry her that night in Las Vegas.

Big Bang Reality

Leonard happily accepts, but during the journey, after Penny expresses happiness that they will get married while knowing everything about each other, Leonard confesses to having shared a drunken kiss with another woman while on the boat in Europe, though he adds that the woman started it and he rejected her. Penny becomes hurt by the revelation, and even though she claims to forgive Leonard, there is clearly tension between them, leaving the season ending in a cliffhanger as to whether or not they will go through with the wedding.

At the beginning of season 9, Leonard and Penny marry, although not without some initial problems. They both reveal that they were subconsciously trying to sabotage their relationship, feeling unworthy of the other. Upon addressing this topic, they both agree to stop being scared of losing the other and embrace their happiness together. After an aborted attempt for Leonard to move into Penny's apartment and live with his wife, Sheldon forces them to spend most of the nights a week in Leonard's old room.

Although CBS now refers to the character with the married name Penny Hofstadter, it has not been explicitly indicated in series whether she took Leonard's surname. In season 10, Sheldon moves into Penny's old apartment with Amy, allowing Penny and Leonard to live on their own as husband and wife. In the series finale, Penny reveals to her friends that she is pregnant with Leonard's baby. In the original, unaired pilot of the series, the conception of the female lead was very different. She was called Katie, and was envisioned as "a street-hardened, tough-as-nails woman with a vulnerable interior".

Sheldon and Leonard would "approach her with honesty, to draw the real, sensitive Katie out". Because of this, the character was changed, and the role was recast. Tom Jicha of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel praised Cuoco's portrayal of Penny, stating: "Her character had the potential to be a bimbo, but she [Cuoco] has developed it into a fully fleshed-out woman, who isn't as book-smart as the other characters but is wiser in so many ways.

She's also a great straight person, who can get off zingers of her own". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This article describes a work or element of fiction in a primarily in-universe style. Please help rewrite it to explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective.

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What is the name of the band that performed the opening song of The Big Bang Theory?

Chuck Lorre Bill Prady. Waitress Actress Student Pharmaceutical representative. Wyatt father Susan mother Randall brother Lisa sister Unnamed child. Zack Johnson annulled Leonard Hofstadter. Retrieved Entertainment Tonight. The Big Bang Theory. Season 9. Episode 1. September 21, Finally, a Mrs. Hofstadter who isn't disappointed with me. Episode 2. September 28, Penny Hofstadter, will you stay married to me?

Season 4. September 23, I, myself, grew up in Nebraska.

Inside jokes on The Big Bang Theory…for nerds

Small town, outside of Omaha. Season 1. September 24, Episode May 12, April 21, October 1, Season 2. January 12, April 13, Episode 5. October 20, Season 3. Episode 8. November 16, Season 5. March 6, Season 7.

January 30, Event occurs at Season 8. December 8, Episode 3. October 5, March 31, April 27, February 2, Season 6. Episode 7. November 8, October 6, March 30, January 10, February 3, May 19, Episode 9. November 18, May 8, Archived from the original on May 9, Retrieved January 15, Huffington Post. June 8, Retrieved May 9, November 5, Episode 6.

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This was clearly written by someone who doesn't remember that and has no freaking idea what astrology is all about.

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Penny also claimed to be a saggitarius, which actually suits her from a sun sign point of view. There's no way in hell that sheldon could ever be a Pisces.. Aquarius, most certainly.. Even a capricorn.. Not that I would want him as a fellow aqua but he's quirky in an intellectual way..

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