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Bandleader Steve Wynn reformed the band in , and a fifth studio album was announced in February Wynn also recorded a single with a trio that he called 1.

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This is a list of comic strip syndicates. Over the years, many syndicates have been acquired and otherwise absorbed by competitors; this list attempts to illustrate that.

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Comic strip syndicates Andrews McMeel Syndication est. It served to provide news coverage to its clients, which numbered over , and to syndicate articles from both papers for other news organizations. Rather than being a full-fledged wire service such as the Associated Press or Reuters, the Los Angeles Times—Washington Post News Service was what was known as a supplemental news service. The Field Newspaper Syndicate was a syndication service based in Chicago that operated independently from to , for a good time under the name the Chicago Sun-Times Syndicate.

Long-time syndication veteran Henry Baker was installed as manager. Bruce Lee has been portrayed in comics form in both comic books and syndicated newspaper strips. Malibu series Bruce Lee was a six-issue comic book miniseries published by Malibu Comics and written by Mike Baron and illustrated by Val Mayerik. It focused on a fictional Bruce Lee character striving his way through gangs and rival dojo owners, while building a movie career.

Malibu included a Mortal Kombat short story in the first and fifth issues. The Los Angeles crime family, also known as the L. Since its inception in the early 20th century, it has spread throughout Southern California. Like most Mafia families in the United States, the L. The L. Richard S. Newcombe born August 8, is the founder and chairman of Creators Syndicate, which currently represents more than writers and artists.

Thompson, Herblock and the comic strips B. Creators Syndicate is located in Hermosa Beach, California, and distributes its content to 2, newspapers, magazines, websites and other digital outlets around the world.


Early life Richard S. Newcombe was born on August 8, , in Chicago, Illinois. Leo and Ann Newcombe had eight children, and they lived in Winnetka, Illinois. In , Rick Newcombe was one of the first graduates of La Lumiere School,[1] a high school with boarding and day students that was fou. It is named after the studio lot that was established in the area by film producer Mack Sennett in , now known as CBS Studio Center.

This land changed hands several times during the late 19th Century and was eventually owned by James Boon Lankershim — , and eight other developers who organized the Lankershim Ranch Land and Water Company. In , however, the area lost most water rights to Los Angeles and therefore subdivision and sale of land for farming became untenable.

Real estate boomed, and a syndicate led by Harry Chandler, business manager of the Los Angele. McCormick and Joseph Medill Patterson, who had both been publishing the Chicago Tribune since , planned to launch a tabloid in New York, as comics historian Coulton Waugh explained: So originated on June 16, , the Illustrated Daily News, a title which, as too English, was almost at once clipped to Daily News. It was a picture paper, and it was a perfect setting for the newly developed art of the comic strip.

The first issue. General Features Corporation was a syndication service that operated from to It was founded by S. Little ran General Features Corp. Brendan Emmett Quigley born [1] is a crossword constructor. He has been described as a "crossword wunderkind". As a tournament competitor, Brendan finished second in the E. Steven L. Kent born August 28, , son of woodworker Ron Kent, is an American writer, known for both video game journalism and military science fiction novels. In the year , Steven started work as a freelance journalist, writing monthly video game reviews for the Seattle Times.

He also wrote entries on video games for Encarta and the Encyclopedia Americana. In , Steve announced that he would concentrate on writing novels. In , he published The Clone Alliance. Known as the California water wars, its construction was controversial from the start, as water diversions to Los Angeles eliminated the Owens Valley as a viable farming community.

Ross Levinsohn is a media executive who has worked at the intersection of media, finance and technology. Levinsohn previously served as President of Fox Interactive.

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In ea. Geography Woodland Hills is in the southwestern region of the San Fernando Valley which is located east of Calabasas and west of Tarzana. Running east—west through the community are U. This is a list of songs about Los Angeles, California: either refer to, are set there, named after a location or feature of the city, named after a famous resident, or inspired by an event that occurred locally. The songs listed are those that are notable or are by notable artists.

A " Eastbound" by Fourplay "The rd St. Ron Hendren is a journalist and television personality. He is best known as one of the original hosts of Entertainment Tonight, joining the syndicated television show at its debut in Hendren had a brief career in politics, working for politicians that included Sargent Shriver, Stephen M. Young, and B. Everett Jordan. He transferred to a journalism career with a self-syndicated news column in , which was subsequently picked up and distributed nationally as Ron Hendren In Washington by the Los Angeles Times Syndicate.

Hendren joined the Today Show in , becoming the first on-air network television critic in the United States. Hendren also hosted a n. Sydney Omarr 5 August — 2 January was an American astrologer and an astrology consultant to the rich and famous. His daily Sun Sign Horoscope column appeared in more than newspapers and his annual forecast books for each sign of the zodiac sold over 50 million copies.

His father worked as a grocer. At elementary school, he had a strong interest in magic performances, and he performed at talent shows and magic shops. Omarr decided to change his name when aged 15, he saw a movie called "Shanghai Gesture" starring Victor Mature who portrayed a character named Omar, with one "r.

Designed by architect E. Frasier in Spanish Colonial Revival style, the historic hotel opened in June Griffith died of a cerebral hemorrhage on the way to a Hollywood hospital, after being discovered unconscious in the lobby of the hotel. Developed in the s as a mainly residential community, it features Spanish Colonial Revival homes and tree-lined streets with a central commercial area and an eponymous park that has remained central to the community.

It has become the center of both historical and contemporary African-American art, music, and culture in Los Angeles. Leimert Park angles to the West Adams district on the northwest. The Henry Hazlitt bibliography contains a list of works by Henry Hazlitt. Articles "Old-time Government Control". The Nation, January 24, The Nation, February 21, The Nation, April 11, The New Republic, April 13, The Nation, April 25, The Nation, May 11, New York, May 1, Independent, April 24, New York Sun, October 2, New York Sun, October 16, New York Sun, October 23, New York Sun, October 30, New York Sun, November 6, New York Sun, November 13, His political cartoons often appear in a multi-panel comic-strip format and frequently blend comic-strip and editorial-cartoon conventions.

The cartoons appear in approximately newspapers around the United States. He was president of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists from to Rall draws three editorial cartoons a week for syndication, draws illustrations on a freelance basis, writes a weekly syndicated column, and edits the Attitude series of alternative cartooning anthologies and spin-off collections by up-and-coming cartoonists.

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He writes and draws cartoons for the tech and politics news site founded by journalist Gina Smith, aNewDomain,[1] and is the editor-in-chief of the satirical news website skewednews. Rall also writes and draws cartoons for Sputnik International, a news website platform established by the Russian government-owned news agency Ros.

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The upper portion of the canyon is the Hollywoodland community that was advertised in the s by the original of what is now known as the Hollywood Sign. The canyon features its own market, cafe, florist and stables. History Home to more than 22, residents, Beachwood Canyon was first developed in the s by a syndicate composed of West Hollywood's founder, Gen. The architects and landscapers who developed the enclave drew inspiration from the southern regions of France, Italy and Spain, as well as the turreted castles of Germany, building in the Storybook house architectural style[1] Film directors have favored the canyon over the years, so movies such as the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers were filmed there, with terrorized masses runnin.

The written history of Los Angeles city and county began with a Spanish colony town that was populated by 11 descendants of Spanish families known as "Los Pobladores". They established a settlement in Southern California that changed little in the three decades after , when California became part of the United States.

Much greater changes came from the completion of the Santa Fe railroad line from Chicago to Los Angeles in It grew rapidly with many suburban areas inside and outside the city limits.

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Hollywood made the city world-famous, and World War II brought new industry, especially high-tech aircraft construction. Politically the city was moderately conservative, with a weak labor union sector.

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Since the s, growth has slowed—and traffic delays have become famous. Los Angeles was a pioneer in freeway dev.

Before the Mexican—American War, the district was part of a rancho, and after the American victory it was converted into wheat farms and then subdivided, with part of it named Owensmouth as a town founded in Native American civilizations inhabited the Valley for an estimated 8, years. Robert Scheer born April 4, is an American journalist who writes a column for Truthdig that is nationally syndicated by Creators Syndicate in publications such as The Huffington Post and The Nation.

Scheer is editor-in-chief for the Webby Award-winning[1] online magazine Truthdig. A comic strip syndicate functions as an agent for cartoonists and comic strip creators, placing the cartoons and strips in as many newspapers as possible on behalf of the artist. A syndicate can annually receive thousands of submissions, from which only two or three might be selected for representation. In some cases, the work will be owned by the syndicate as opposed to the creator.

Andrews McMeel syndicates more than comic strips and news features. Andrews McMeel also owns and operates GoC.