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I view modern spirituality as controlled, steered and often as unfounded as the mainstream media and politics. It was a process to learn to discern what is nonsense and what is relevant, what empowers me and what looks for me to give my power to it. These days I ignore almost all of it and follow my own path and focus on my own innerwork.

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A video that deals with the coming season of a heightened sense of spiritual warfare and the exposing of modern day Anti Christ. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section of the Copyright Act , allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use One of Australias largest and most significant Aboriginal First Nations, the This book explores the fundamental concept of prana, or What would it take to build the perfect society?

What would that even look like?

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YouTube 18 days ago. YouTube 9 days ago. YouTube 11 days ago. Pankajbhai mantra durgashakti energy Namo Jinanam. Just valuable time with the people you love, to do all the things you've needed to do but never quite found the time for. What unique mazal does each month possesses? What can we accomplish spiritually using the specific energy of each Jewish holiday? Go beyond time with Mrs.

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  4. Goldie Slavin and discover the inner dimension of the Jewish calendar. Rabbi Shmuel Simenowitz, a farmer and religious leader, tackles this question and more in his lectures. We all know of Shabbat as a day of rest, but in this video Mrs. Slonim goes through the deeper meaning of Shabbat as a homecoming for the soul, as well as many details and interesting facts about this special day. Take a tour through the mystical and practical dimensions of Shabbat with Jewish Sparks. The first of it's kind magazine-style show features Jewish culture and practice.

    But Shabbat has always been much more than a protection against burnout. The Beauty of Shabbat Is Shabbat just about rest?. Rabbi Shais Taub The Beauty of Shabbat Mrs. Sara Esther Crispe. Sara Esther Crispe The Significance of "Eishet Chayil" Mrs.

    Amir Ofer 2. The Life of Shabbat Amir Ofer. Rabbi Berel Bell Rabbi Manis Friedman Experiencing the Divine Rabbi Manis Friedman. Lisa Aiken The Cure for Technology Overdependence Dr. Lisa Aiken.

    Reflecting God

    Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau Living in the here and now is not only the key to serenity, but the secret to making every moment momentous Rabbi David Aaron Technology and Shabbat Rabbi Asher Crispe. Driving to Shul on Shabbat, or Not Going? Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe. A Self Driving Car on Shabbat?

    Rabbi Yosef Shusterman. Shabbat is a perfect example of this Rabbi Abba Perelmuter Driving to Synagogue on Shabbat, or Staying Home? Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet. Afterglow Rabbi Shraga Sherman. Working Definitions Rabbi Shraga Sherman. Pure Pleasure Rabbi Shraga Sherman. Series: Individual Crossfire questions Mrs. Chaya Teldon Chaya Teldon.

    Rabbi Menachem Wolf of the Spiritgrow Josef Kryss Centre analyses the wellness benefits as well as the Spiritual nature of the seventh day of the week based on contemporary wellness teachings and Kabalistic interpretation of shabbat Rabbi Menachem Wolf Is Shabbat the New Superfood? Rabbi Menachem Wolf. Shabbos Shuva Benny Friedman. Shabbos: Gift or Burden?

    Benny Friedman. Rivkah Slonim About Proper Shabbat Observance Mrs.

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    Rivkah Slonim. Rabbi Baruch Hertz 2. Never on Friday Dudu Fisher. Rabbi Yosef Shusterman Series: Rabbi Abba Perelmuter Rabbi Shloma Majeski 8. The power of speech is employed to process thoughts, share ideas with others and as a method of recitation in fulfillment of the mitzvah of Torah study Rabbi Levi Kaplan As much as life is about running and achieving, we need one day to sit back and relax Rabbi Berel Lazar 4.

    Evonne Marzouk 5. Toward a Wiser Use of Energy Mrs. Evonne Marzouk.

    Rabbi Yitzchok Zirkind, 57, OBM

    Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks Professor Eugene Kontorovich 2. Commitment to the Shabbos Professor Eugene Kontorovich. Tevi Troy 4. Shabbat Shalom from Senator Ashcroft Dr. Tevi Troy. Monica I was ready to resume my studies. The final test encompassing a wide spectrum of Halochos. Which was passed by us all.


    Back to the present, I want to congratulate my fellow newbie Rabbis. It was a pleasure and an honor to learn side by side with you guys. I think I speak for everyone when I say thank you Rabbi Mendel Zirkind for all the time and effort you invested in us. I would also like to thank the Hanholo, Uri, Pinye and Mendy for all you have done for us. Thank you to the Shluchim and the Bochurim for such an awesome year.

    Thank you Rebbe for watching and mentoring us throughout and making it all possible. Bais Menachem - Youth Development Program.

    214-217-#### (Dallas, Texas)

    Please login for more site features. Poconos Construction Updates. Youth Calendar. End of year ceremonies and chag hasemicha Bais Menachem in Wilkes-Barre marked the completion of its 11th year on Yud Bais Tammuz with an awards banquet for students, and with the surprise participation of many alumni who drove down for the occasion. Bais Menachem Annual Raffle. The Yeshiva of Intelligent Caring.

    This can be yours! Mazal Tov Zafrany Family.