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Even if this combination is present in the 8 th house of the horoscope so it can give huge wealth. This house is the house of sudden gain of wealth. The 8 th house indicates a sudden rise in career or in the amount of wealth. Mr Amitabh Bachchan — the star of Bollywood has this yoga in a form of Mercury and Venus together 5th and 9th lords respectively, and are forming a very powerful wealth yoga. Jupiter is the planet of wealth that I already have mentioned above while describing Gaja-Kesari Yoga.

The Presence of a strong Jupiter in the 2 nd house or 11th house or its aspect on these houses can bring good fortune. The desirable and Immense wealth is confirmed when other benefic planets are present or aspect too in these houses. The presence of Venus and Mercury in the 2 nd house are also considered to be extremely auspicious and has greatly been praised. The role of the 2nd house lord has great importance in Vedic astrology, though the whole horoscope should be analysed before the final prediction.

Vedic Astrology Sample Chart Analysis

In general, some parts of which can be understood by seeing its placement in other houses as below:. Second lord in 1st house: This is a good position, the native earns through his self-effort. In the 2nd house: This is the easy money placement.

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Wealth comes without hard work or much effort and the native is overall fortunate in financial matters. In the 3rd house: As this is the house of initiative, the Native earns through his own continuous initiatives.

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In 4th house: This is another good position. The Native earns through property dealing and inheritance. In the 6th house: The source of earning of a native is service and can be any kind of competition. This position also gives money through broker. In the 7th house: This position gives earning from wife or business, foreign lands etc. Some other yogas are also there but this combination was also a parameter there.

In the 8th house: It indicates a Lot of wealth.

As this in a malefic house, so the 2 nd house and lord should be very strong. A sudden gain of huge wealth and property is indicated. In the 9 th house: This placement makes a native very lucky with easy success. In the 10 th house: The 10 th house is called mid-heaven. Any planet becomes strong when that is placed in this house. This placement is directly connected profession with wealth. The native always progresses in career and earns a huge wealth. This placement also ensures the continuity in career growth. In the 11th house: This is an extremely good position, especially if the second lord is malefic.

The person achieves a great high in life with a lot of wealth. The placement of 2 nd house in this house can be an indicative of great loss or expenditure in financial matters. It also can be an indicative of earning in a foreign land or earning trough foreign influences. To get a detail and in depth prediction, you need to judge divisional charts like D-9 or Navamsa, D or Dasamsa and if possible the D-2 or Hora chart. Now, this is the time to apply the dasa system of Vedic astrology. But several other dasas are also there to pinpoint a time period.

Again there are various ways to find out the clicking time. Here I will only mention the easiest one. First find out whether any yoga is present or not in the horoscope according to above rules.

What does Raj Yoga in Birth Chart Signify?

This is a very short procedure to see days. Unlike other short procedures it also has many loopholes, thus may fail many times. But it may increase your interest in the finding of the real truth. This is my objective only. In future when I will write on Dasa system, then I will obviously introduce all systems what is necessary to understand the time period. Experience: 15 Years. There have been instances when an ordinary looking or a weak birth chart with debilitated planets can also offer great life to the natives owing to the formation of benefic Yogas! For, if any planet is debilitated in the birth chart in its own sign, it could still give great results when its strength is analysed with respect to the other planets.

If the Yoga bestows King-like power, status and wealth. This list is not exhaustive. Panch Maha Purush Yoga - As the name suggests, this Yoga bestows great strength to make a powerful personality or Maha Purusha, who attains high grounds in specific areas of life. This occurs when either of the five planets - Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mercury or Mars are in their exaltation stage strongest degrees or occupy 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th House.

This results in long life, financial well being for life and political position. You can ask for your report now. Reviews Saturn Karma Reading - It was good thank you. Thank you very, very much; I truly appreciate it!!! Birth tine rectification service. Superb analysis - Neeraj Sharma. Great so true in my case - Ashutosh.

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Very useful and superb - Prakash. Very detailed reading of Yukta Yoga of Jupiter Venus, all the wording is clear and astrologer has answered my question! Rahu Ketu Transit Reading -accurate and insightful Thank you for the detailed reading of Gaj Kesari Yoga. Lots of things to look forward in life.

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Amazing, I was astonished while reading! I am hopeful that it will serve as a guide in my endeavours. Thank you, I appreciate the information. Jupiter Fortune Reading - Very helpful, as I am in Ketu period, and can see that things are improving, and will continue to improve at the end of this period. Thank you, good detail and good advice. Excellent, super and accurate It's just excellent, outstanding horoscope reading, I have ever seen. It's amazing and so accurate too. I don't have more words to describe about this.

I liked your astrology report - D9 Navasma Chart with 2 year Scan. All Yogas are created by the arrangement of the planets in a specific manner and Raja Yoga is manifested when the exalted planets are present in the central house or triangle of the horoscope. This Yoga can come in the life of a businessman, politician, actor or a sportsman. This yoga creates favourable conditions for a person to excel in life.

It must be noted that the presence of this Yoga does not guarantee the life of a king. Its best effects are observed when there are favourable conditions within the two planets that create this Yoga. If the central triangle of houses have the effects of Jupiter or Venus, then Raja Yoga is observed in its full potency.

What is Raja yoga in your kundali and what is its impact on life? - Astrology

There are also other factors involved which can negative affect the Yoga which includes the effects of the Moon. It is necessary that both the planets and the houses involved in the formation of this Yoga should not be afflicted in any manner. Another good example of an individual with this Yoga in his horoscope will be the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi.

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The 5th house lord Jupiter and 4th house lord Saturn in his horoscope provide the right combination in the central triangle, creating Raja Yoga. This results in strength and progress in his profession, along with fame and reputation. When it comes to the astrological signs, this Yoga gives the best results for the Virgo and the Pisces. It works very well for the signs of Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn. There can be multiple Raja Yogas present in the horoscope of a person, providing various benefits in his life. This is a Yoga that allows a person to reap the best benefits from the various situations that life places before them.

Jothishi , Raja Yogas. Vipareeta Raja Yoga is one of the most perplexing raja yogas of Vedic Astrology.