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Juno in Cancer needs emotional intimacy and a warm home environment. They nurture others by feeding them good food. They are attracted to partners who are nurturing and caring. They may appear to be dependent upon them or to be clingy or moody. They may use emotional blackmail to get what they feel they deserve. They can often manipulate others in very subtle ways. They feel strongly that justice must be served. They want a partner who is traditional and values the home and family. They like to care for their family and be cared for in return. They feel a strong need to commit to their relationship with all their might.

They may need a lot of attention and may feel unfulfilled if their needs are not met.

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They are highly committed and loyal. Juno in Leo wants romance and excitement to be happy. They want a partner they can be proud of and who will admire them as well. They don't like to feel ignored or rejected. They can become rather selfish or use inappropriate means of getting attention.

They like things to be equal. They are natural showmen and want to share the spotlight. They feel strongly towards their mates. They may be arrogant or immature and rather bossy. They can also be very generous and loving. They are decisive and seldom change their minds once they are made up. Juno in Virgo has high expectations in their partners, as they do in everything else. They will organize their relationships and expect them to remain efficient.

They want perfection, and if their partner can't reach that pinnacle they may be overly critical. They are attracted to partners who are efficient and oriented to the tasks at hand. They have their own sense of justice. They appreciate a partner who is ultra clean and who is unassuming when in public.

Health is very important to them, so they want a partner who is also interested in healthy habits. They want stability, and in return will be loyal to the end. Juno in Libra wants balance and equality in their relationships. They want someone who will share the chores of making decisions and who will consult with them on everything.

They are attracted to good manners and an attractive appearance. They want them to share their interests in social activities and artistic things. They love romance. They tend to become competitive when the relationship becomes unbalanced. Juno in Scorpio needs an intense relationship with a lot of deep intimacy and sex. This sign is closely connected to Libra so aesthetically oriented places such as an art museum or shopping mall.

June in Scorpio or 8 th House : Deep soul and intimate bonding create the drive for this asteroid placement. However, lack of intimacy can be mistaken for intensity or power struggles, so keep an eye on the difference between the two. These partners could be found at an empowering workshop or another place of vulnerability. Juno in Sagittarius or 9 th House : This combo craves a vision keeper and idealist, or someone to wax poetic about philosophy or travel the world together.

The mundane day-to-day relating could feel less interesting with your partner, though a necessary part of bringing it into reality. Perhaps you meet them while traveling or at a mind-expanding conference. Juno in Capricorn or 10 th House : Capricorn Juno is motivated by stability and security in a partner, both financially and emotionally. Things to watch out for would be wanting someone who acts as an authority over instead of a balance of power.

These ideal long-term connections could show up in work situations or related events. Juno in Aquarius or 11 th House : A quirky or inventive person who keeps you on your toes or helps you lean you more into your creative side.

Juno in horoscope - Lesson , Astrology Lessons by Bob Marks

The downside of this placement might mean someone who could be a bit off in the clouds in their own endeavors. Community connections are ideal for Aquarius energy to expand so attending Meetups or other similar events could be key to meeting this special someone. Juno in Pisces or 12 th House : A dreamer or someone with whom you can cultivate more of your spiritual connection.

This placement may be prone to a fantasy lover versus something more real, so stay on top of projections and illusions. Attending meditation retreats or nature immersions offer opportunities for coming into contact with the divine…and a potential partner.

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Art by Olivia M. Discover your soul mate with this Tarot reading… While often Juno was represented in stories as a jealous wife, her astrological influence goes far beyond that stereotype. Below is a basic guide by sign and house to uncovering Juno in your natal chart and coming more into contact with your future or current cosmic connections: Aries or in 1 st House : Partners who keep you inspired and active.

Mar 16, 9. It had a little more info and I was alright with it so I'm guess I'm ok with this. Last edited: Mar 17, Mar 16, BUT based on this description this accurately descibes my current man. Thanks x 4. So im marrying a foreigner.. I knew it! Thanks x 2 LOL! Thanks x 7. An old friend? Nah bruh! I dont have a social life so yeah anybody else's social life will be way busier than mines by default.

Thanks x 3. Sounds good to me. Being an air sign, I probably need the stability lol. Thanks x 5 LOL! Turn your chart so that your 7th house is now your first.

Named for the Goddess of Marriage, This Asteroid Points to What You Need in a Relationship

That's your future spouse. The decan degree on that house will give you their physical description. So your 7th house would be his first, your 8th house his second , your 9th his 3rd etc. Thanks x 12 Hugs! I rebuke thee. On 2nd thought Juno is in my 8th house conjunct Pluto.

What is Juno?

Plus, I can interpret the Virgo placement to mean someone who is smart and analytical. I'm a vegetarian so a health-conscious person wouldn't be so bad. This fits a current prospect well enough.